HubSpot Certifies TREW Marketing for Integrated Marketing Platform


Threw Marketing released this article about HubSpot's certification of their inbound marketing software. This is a great example of overdelivering on the marketing software platform.  Enjoy the article.

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – TREW Marketing today announced it is now certified in the HubSpot all-in-one inbound marketing software platform. With the HubSpot platform, TREW can help science, engineering, and technology companies further automate marketing plans to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads that fuel new sales opportunities and drive growth. To help clients and potential clients stay on the leading edge of marketing best practices, TREW also today released a free, downloadable white paper that discusses inbound marketing and shares five essentials of effective, lead-generating websites.

TREW's new certification follows more than 50 hours of training and adds to the agency's track record of creating smart, collaborative, and measured integrated marketing plans that directly tie to business and marketing goals.

“Our goal at TREW is to help scientists and engineers define their company's unique, differentiated position, and then create and execute a smart, integrated marketing plan that establishes leadership and generates leads to drive sales,” said Rebecca Geier, Principal and co-founder of TREW Marketing. “Using HubSpot, we now have more intelligence about prospects and leads, increased efficiency in engaging and nurturing those leads, and access to more data to inform decisions and effectively allocate resources.”

HubSpot tools bring a proven record of client success. Typical HubSpot users see a growth in monthly unique visitors to their websites by up to 60 percent, an average increase in leads of 25 percent and an increase in sales of 50 percent or more because of their inbound marketing efforts.

“TREW Marketing has demonstrated their ability to grow their own traffic, leads and sales using the HubSpot software and inbound marketing methodology. As an engineer myself, I'm eager to see them apply their creativity and skill to helping their science and engineering clients accomplish the same goal,” said Peter Caputa IV, Channel Sales & Marketing Director at HubSpot.

Inbound Marketing Explained: Free, Downloadable White Paper
TREW Marketing recently released a white paper to educate small to mid-size companies that serve scientists, engineers, and technical professionals on the importance of inbound marketing. The paper provides current data on the ROI of various marketing investments and best practices for web lead generation and nurturing through activities including SEO, blogging, and social media.

For more information about TREW Marketing, readers can download the white paper, visit, or contact TREW directly at

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About TREW Marketing
TREW Marketing, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a full-service marketing firm uniquely serving leading companies and organizations in the engineering and science markets. TREW Marketing uses decades of specialized technical marketing experience to create strategies and plans, and execute services for clients such as brand identity and design; positioning and messaging; market researchproduct launch planning; PR and social media; website strategy and design; and search marketing.

About HubSpot
HubSpot all-in-one marketing software helps more than 7,500 companies in 46 countries attract more visitors to their websites, convert more of those visitors to leads and drive customer growth. Website management, blogging, search engine optimization, lead management, marketing analytics, email marketing, landing pages, and social media marketing are among the 25+ integrated tools that make up this end-to-end marketing software. HubSpot is also the developer of the popular marketing analysis tool,, which grades the marketing efforts of over 250,000 companies a month. In the last year, HubSpot has been named the second fastest growing software company by the Inc. 500, one of the 20 most promising companies in America by Forbes, and the eighth fastest growing technology company in the world by the Deloitte Fast 500. HubSpot, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Find them at Find out if HubSpot software is right for your business by applying for a free inbound marketing assessment.

Media Contact: Rebecca Geier, TREW Marketing,




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Application Development Software Expected to Increase 2012

Gartner gives us good news in the application development software niche. Sales will rise!  Not a whole lot, mind you but it’s better to go up than down.  This article from channelbiz talks all about it.  Rejoice!

The worldwide application development (AD) software market is expected to increase by 1.8 percent in 2012, Gartner has said. That doesn’t sound like much, but the sector is worth a king’s ransom.


According to the company the market will reach more than $9 billion in 2012 as a result of evolving software delivery models, new development methodologies, emerging mobile application development and open source software.

Asheesh Raina, principal research analyst at Gartner, said: “Application modernisation and increasing agility will continue to be a solid driver for AD spending, apart from other emerging dynamics of cloud, mobility and social computing.”

“These emerging trends are directing AD demand towards newer architectures, programming languages, business model and user skills.”

According to the company cloud is also changing the way applications are designed, tested and deployed, which has had an effect on AD priorities.

The company said cost was a major driver, but pointed out that so was agility, flexibility and speed to deploy new applications.

It added that 90 percent of large, mainstream enterprises and government agencies will use some aspect of cloud computing by 2015.

“The trend is compelling enough to force traditional AD vendors to ‘cloud-enable’ their existing offerings and position them as a service to be delivered through the cloud,” said Mr. Raina.

“AD for cloud demands rapid deployment, a high focus on user experience and access to highly elastic resources for software testing, while requiring comparatively less underlying infrastructure for developing applications.”

Gartner also forecast that mobile AD projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4:1 by 2015.

It said emerging mobile applications, systems and devices were transforming the AD space rapidly, and were one of the top three CIO priorities at the enterprise level.

To back up its claims, it pointed to its own research, which found that CIOs expected more than 20 percent of their employees to use tablets instead of laptops by 2013, hastening the process of change as AD tools and applications evolve to address the requirements of these new devices.

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Email Marketing Software Can Offer An Advantage For Creating Profitable Business Relations


E-mail marketing is the most cost effective answer to keep in contact with customers and potential clientele. Marketing through email can be considered as one of the best marketing options for positive returns on investments. It is indispensable to reach wide customer base. Email advertising tools like auto responder services and professional mail signup form make it simple to build one's own email directory and keep in touch with prospects. Whether new to email marketing or a seasoned pro, marketing software has email creation options to suit all styles, formats and requirements.

Emailing software has been tailored to allow integration with external services to provide a comprehensive marketing solution. E-mail marketing software helps to manage emailing lists, customized advertising messages or newsletters, send messages to all people at once (large number of email), offer quick response with automatic responders as well as with the other automatic options and escort its users towards the website situated form where an order can be placed.

E-mail marketing software provides personalization, campaign tracking, auto responders and advanced list selection. This software is the main tool in managing online based business. It is available by phone or chat to answer all business questions and queries even on the move. The best e-mail marketing software develops finest quality email campaign software, mass mailers, email address extractors, email authenticators, mailing list administrators and different bulk mailing software. It helps to build customized newsletters, as well as solo mailings.Email autoresponder is a powerful solution to send automated replies and follow-up letters. It is easy-to-use and can be used as desktop marketing software which allocates auto responders varying from simplest to personalized messages and circulars. Auto responder is a web based interface to amalgamate business requirements with marketing essentials for a consistent way of business promotion. This is the most efficient way to make contact with the client that will bring the highest response rate. All in all, it is all-inclusive and basic e-mail marketing software.

Marketers who want to ensure that their email campaigns reach inboxes of their recipients use email campaign software to achieve some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry. They include many advanced management features that help e-mail marketers save time and deploy more effective email campaigns. With such electronic form of mail campaign software, HTML email newsletter delivery, email marketing campaign, and bulk mailing can be accomplished with ease. With email campaign software sending mass email is as simple as pushing a button. From preliminary consultation to execution, bulk e-mail marketing software offers a simple approach to sponsor businesses via the power of e-mail marketing. Bulk email sending software is an essential component of modern of bulk mail marketing strategies. It is professional email newsletter software intended for conducting email marketing campaigns and structuring targeted email records. It is a cost effective and patent advertising medium. Bulk e-mail marketing services consistently earn high marks from the most respected reviews sites online. This bulk mailing software is designed to deliver high volumes of customized bulk mails to numerous number of subscribers, may be email marketing flyers, email statements or email newsletters.

About the Author is a email marketing firm offering Email marketing software , email campaign software,Email autoresponder and Bulk email marketing.


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6 Low Cost Tips for Better Software Lead Generation

There are plenty of software packages available for automating lead generation and some of it is very helpful.  This article from discusses what you can do to get better results with your lead generation software.


Public relations for IT companies is very much a part of the software lead process. Although PR alone isn’t likely to give you software sales appointments ready for closing, it does help fire up the lead generation engine, especially for IT startups that typically have a very small marketing base to begin working with. This post looks at six low-cost PR tips that any software startup can apply in their lead generation strategy.

Startups face a daunting uphill climb in every aspect of their business. Aside from having to rely on limited manpower and other resources to carry out the core operations, they also have administrative and selling activities to worry about. That’s why a lot of fledgling enterprises understandably leave critical marketing components like public relations out of their list of priorities.

Still, the value of good PR in software lead generation cannot be overstated enough. Startups have to find ways to gain some decent amount of press exposure for their young enterprise or risk falling into obscurity. The following tips may just be what the PR doctor ordered:

1. Connect and network. Social media has empowered small businesses to build relationships not only with customers and vendors but with key influencers like members of the press and bloggers/online writers that can be the vehicles you need to spread the word about your unknown brand. Begin your journey with a single step by connecting with your local media and bloggers then working your way toward broader coverage.

2. Consider online PR resources. There are vast numbers of online resources that offer free (or virtually free) press release distribution. These sites help you get newsworthy items about your company to reach various media outlets as well as other related services. Press release distribution also has the added benefit of being ranked higher by search engines like Google which, in turn, increases your potential for IT and software leads.

3. Leverage other marketing devices. A traditional and inexpensive marketing channel to extend your PR efforts is through emails. However, for PR purposes, you won’t be relying on the typical bulk email blasts. Instead, you’re going to use emails to distribute PR materials to relevant media practitioners on a more personal basis. Direct mails can also be an option if the costs involved fall within the “low” threshold.




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Online Marketing Firm Launches Next Generation Lead Software For Facebook


Facebook Lead Generation?  You betcha!  Check out this new software release, originally published at

The newest software stirring a buzz in marketing is FB Miner, a Facebook lead generation software produced by helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, coaches and others aggregate leads on Facebook for multiple purposes.

Today, announced the official launch of their new software FB Miner, a Facebook lead generation software specific to finding contactable individuals, companies, organizations or brands on Facebook pages, eliminating search time and increasing prospective sales, leads, joint ventures, partnerships, sponsorships and more.

“This tool is virtually limitless in its application,” said Greg Writer, the creator of FB Miner. “Imagine being able to sort through the millions of people on Facebook, discovering a niche group for your product or service and being able to communicate with them directly.”

With 700 million users active on Facebook, the tool is a likely fit for Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, social media professionals and small business owners looking forward to the new frontier in marketing.

The product was originally designed for Writer’s personal use and need to market his company’s products and services. Today marks the official date it has been made available to the public.

For more information visit:

Read more at:t:



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What is a Marketing Plan?

In our rush-rush attention-deficit-disorder culture, marketers looking for quick results often overlook the power of marketing plans. Marketing plans can take quite a bit of work to write since they require deliberate thought and research.  But the benefits of a well thought-through marketing plan far outweigh the work involved.  

In this article from Online Marketing, marketing plans are discussed in great detail.  Take the time to read it — you will see the power I'm talking about.

NOTE:  Are you aware that LinkedIn can produce 277% higher lead generation than Facebook and Twitter combined!  Find out more in this free guide:

How to Build a Powerful Business Presense on Linked-In

Developing a marketing plan is one of the most essential elements of operating a business. This type of plan helps owners analyze data about customers, competitors, and how well products and services will be received.

Creating a marketing plan involves conducting market research to understand which marketing strategies are required. There are many tools available to obtain accurate market research data. These can include focus groups, surveys, keyword search, product search, and competitive sales analysis reports.

In addition to helping owners understand the buying habits of their target market, developing business marketing plans are vital for companies that need to acquire startup capital. Investors and finance companies require detailed information about the business before providing financial backing.

There are two kinds of marketing plans that are used today. The first is referred to as a high level marketing plan. This type of plan includes detailed information about the history of the company, management personnel, marketing goals and strategies, and financial forecasts.

The second type of marketing plan is known as a marketing action plan. This type of plan is used when companies are assessing marketing techniques. Action plans help owners determine the objectives and action steps that are necessary for each marketing strategy. They also how to analyze the amount of time and money required to implement strategies, along with methods for measuring return on investment.

Regardless of the type of marketing plan used each needs to include marketing objectives, budgets, financial forecasts, and anticipated sales.

Each of these can be determined by performing market research. Collecting and analyzing market data will help business owners determine if a service or product will be well received by consumers. Research also aids in figuring out which advertising methods will provide the greatest ROI.


Understanding the kinds of marketing strategies required to introduce products and services into the marketplace will help owners determine anticipated sales. Market research can reveal how many people each advertising strategy will reach, along with conversion rates. This in turn provides a good analysis for determining sales forecast.

Complete the article here…



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Small Business Marketing Predictions

What's shaping up in terms of marketing for small businesses?  The landscape is rapidly changing and small businesses will have to keep up in order to survive.  The following article describes what's happening so you can get ready.

If you want to build a powerful business presense online, there is one place you need to be above everywhere else — including Facebook and Twitter — it's LinkedIn.  A recent study showed that LinkedIn produces up to 277% more business leads than the other two social networks combined.  

Free Download: How to Build a Powerful Business Presense on Linked-In


Small business marketing is a huge kerfuffly beast. Should you be doing online marketing, offline marketing, networking, writing more, writing less, more pictures, more videos…argggg!

Quote - clutch the pastSmall Business Marketing and Change

Most small biz owners do not go into business to become marketing experts or social media mavens. They go into business because they have a dream of getting paid for doing what they love. Or they have a dream of helping people with something. Or they have a dream of making enough money to support their families, with a little left over for a trip to Disney World.

What they did not think about was how fast the world is moving. My Mother In Law had one of the first black and white TVs in the neighborhood and today she sits and watches all her programs on an iPad whenever it is convenient for her! Today, not only did GM pass on the Super Bowl Ads, but they also opted out of Facebook ads, rejecting not only the TV industrial complex, but also new age media.

I KNOW that they decided to bow out of the Superbowl Ads because of the cost (3.8 MILLION dollars for 30 seconds of airtime, not counting the cost of making the commercial which can run in the hundreds of thousands). Some of the reasons for dropping Facebook paid ads include the popularity of the free biz pages, less response than from Google’s ad networks and the thinking that ad prices will probably rise after Facebook’s recent IPO (I already think that the cost of FB ads is out of reach for most of my readers!)

Small Business Marketing Predictions

Making small business marketing predictions is making feel a little like Johnny Carson doing the envelope trick on the late show, BUT I think it is super important for small biz owners to know what is coming and what is not necessary.


Read the rest of the story here:



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Are You Benefiting All You Can Form Your Company’s Software Investment?

The following article is from McKinsey Quarterly and discussed the need for companies to embrace the digital world or perish.  

NOTE:  Download our free publication, Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing to Grow Your Business and see how a properly ahandled email campaign can improve your bottom line.

As consumers increasingly interact digitally with companies, competitive advantage lies in understanding the range and complexity of those touch points.

software layer advantage article, why customers prefer to interact with companies through digital channels, Marketing & Sales

In This Article

The past 15 years have created a very different business environment, which has empowered consumers, commoditized many products and services, and dramatically compressed margins. Not surprisingly, these changes have forced businesses to operate differently. But exactly what kinds of companies have successfully transitioned to the digital age? How have they regained and retained competitive advantage at a time when location is no longer a barrier to transactions, brands alone aren’t a proxy for quality, and pricing is increasingly transparent?

Of course, the answers to these weighty questions vary by industry and company. But I want to advance an idea that can help just about all executives concentrate their thinking. Whether you know it or not, your company operates as two businesses: a core that sells products and services (as it always has) and what I call the software layer (exhibit). This permeable layer comprises the technologies through which customers interact with your company, and vice versa.

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The Future of Cloud Marketing Software

Cloud Marketing Software promises unlimited scaleabiltiy but at a price.  Find out what industry executives think about it in this article from TopRank!

NOTE:  If your business is engaged in Email Marketing, we've just arranged to give you an excellent free resource about Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing to Grow Your Business.  It's professionally written and has valuable inforamtion.



BLarson on May 16th, 2012    B2BInterviewsOnline MarketingOnline PR

At TopRank Online Marketing, we are fortunate to provide consulting to quite a few innovative B2B companies that serve other marketers. A great example of that is PRWeb and parent company, Vocus, both long standing clients.

In late 2011 Vocus welcomed Jason Jue as Chief Marketing Officer. As Vocus & PRWeb’s Account Manager at TopRank, I was keenly interested in getting to know Jason better and learning his plans for the future – and what better way than through an interview for all readers of Online Marketing Blog to see?

In this interview Jason talks about the undeniable convergence of PR and marketing, what social media metric is most undervalued by many PR and marketing professionals, where marketers should invest for 2013 and his vision for Vocus.

Tell us a little bit about your background and what excites you most about joining Vocus?

Prior to Vocus, I was Vice President of Marketing at Rackspace and had several executive positions at Dell in the US and Asia, marketing to businesses. Vocus offers cloud marketing and PR software to businesses in every market sector and size that want to reach and influence buyers.

I’m excited about sharing with businesses how easily our products work wonders for our current customers. Some of the leading marketing consultants such as Sirius Decisions and MarketingSherpa use our products to maximize their online publicity.

To read more, visit here:


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4 Marketing Tips to Capture Your Business Moments With Instagram and Gain a New League of Customers


Instagram Tips

There is no denying that Instagram is in the spotlight at the moment. After Facebook recently purchased the popular photo sharing application for a whopping $1 billion earlier last month, Instagram recently released a new version for Android users and it made another milestone when it reached its 50 million user mark just last week. It has also been reported that the photo sharing service is continuously amassing 5 million users each week. These are clear indications how powerful Instagram is and with the free application constantly finding ways to improve its services, it can be expected that the number will continue to grow.

Unlike any other photo sharing service, Instagram is free and very easy to use. All users have to do is download the application, snap a photo from their Smartphone camera, and select a filter to lend the picture with a unique look and feel. Once done, they can share the post-processed photo they took over at Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and other social networking sites.

Instagram as a Marketing Platform

If you are a business owner, the growing trend and growing number of Instagram users are things that you should not overlook. For all you know, some of your customers might be using this social networking and photo sharing service to post their photos and follow others. That’s enough reason for you to consider Instagram as the next platform for your marketing efforts.

You have to take note that many people like stories and storytelling is one of the most definitive means to connect with your target audience. However, more than just telling the story through words, you can always tell your business’s story and products or services through pictures, and this is where Instagram comes into play. Beyond taking the usual photos, though, it pays to be creative for your business to stand out from the pack. So, how can you creatively make use of Instagram to build brand loyalty and gain a new league of customers? Read further to find out.


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